Meat and dairy sector already pays price for climate change

The meat and dairy industry is increasingly feeling the impact of climate change, but remains silent about its own responsibility for the crisis, according to a new report.

The sector accounts for between 13% and 18% of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. However, more than three-quarters of companies in the industry report little or nothing about emissions from their operations and supply chains, according to a study released Wednesday by Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return, a well-known investor network. as Fairr and based in London.

Meanwhile, animal protein producers are facing increasing setbacks with droughts, floods and storms. The Australian Agricultural refrigerator reported earlier this year that it lost about $ 72 million and 43,000 head of cattle due to weather.

Cal-Maine, the US egg producer, said feed costs were volatile and could rise further due to the impact of record rainfall and flooding on international grain prices. South African poultry processor RCL Foods warned that the companys profit could be affected by drought irrigation restrictions.